AST 340

AST 340

This automation solution comprises a Handtmann VF 600 vacuum filler, PVLH 241 with hanging unit and the AST 340 from Robomotion. The AST 340 automatic smoke stick transfer unit is a robotic system for automatically hanging smoke sticks with strings of sausages and setting them down in smoking trolleys. The system is designed for handling star-shaped and round smoke sticks. The entire system has been designed in accordance with the most recent CE guidelines and particular attention has been paid to hygiene and safety engineering. This unique smoke stick transferring unit ensures that the smoke sticks are accurately positioned and set down in the smoking trolleys.


  • Continually high production output due to automation.
  • Sausages are not damaged as there is no manual intervention.
  • Robot is moisture-resistant.
  • Reduced costs by dispensing with up to 2 operators per shift.
  • High level of availability and low error frequency due to lower staff requirement.
  • Fast smoking trolley loading facilitates high production speed for the Handtmann AL line.
  • Improved system utilisation by optimising hanging (number of portions, longer casings, closer hanging).
  • Hygienic conditions due to fewer manual activities.
  • Makes it possible to automate products that are produced in smoke box systems.

Technical Data

  • Loading:  2 smoking trolleys
  • Capacity: Max. 6 smoke sticks/minute
  • Requirements on smoke sticks:
    Diameter of star-shaped smoke sticks  22 - 26 mm
    Diameter of round smoke sticks            13 - 25 mm
    Smoke stick lengths                               995 - 1,010 mm
  • Requirements on smoking trolleys (standard smoking trolleys):
    Smoking trolley width    900 mm - 1,050 mm
    Smoking trolley length 950 mm - 1,200 mm
  • Requirements on the sausages:
    Casing: Artificial or collagen casing
    Calibre: 13 to 50 mm