PVLS 125

PVLS 125

The most important features of the new PVLS 125 AL system, are the three new modules: the new linking unit with 2 nozzles, a new voiding belt and a cutting function with 2 belts.

Linking unit
When operation is stopped, the revolving head automatically moves out of the casing brake (linear movement). To change the casing, the operator then uses the 2-handed operating system. The revolving head tilts and moves linearly into filling position.

Voiding belt
Optional installation of various voiding units as well as the option of a voiding belt for products that are to be cut inline.

New cutting method
The gap needed for cutting is created by means of 2 independent conveyor belts. The portion is created on the first belt (lengthwise portioning) and it is then transferred to the second conveyor belt. This creates a gap at the link point on the string of sausages. The sausage string is then cut on the second belt, thus ensuring that the cut is clean and precise.


  • Fast casing change (possible to change a casing in less than 2 seconds) as the operator can pull the next casing onto the upper nozzle during the filling operation.
  • Two drives ensure gentle linking.
  • New cutting system.
  • Higher performance levels due to a reduction in non-production times.
  • Hygienic, smooth construction.
  • Ergonomic positioning for fatigue-free operation as the upper nozzle is titled towards the operator.
  • Precisely cut portions.
  • Uniform sausage lengths, even with natural casings.
  • Large field of applications due to various different voiding units.

Technical data

  • Portioning capacity: up to 1,500 port./min (depending on voiding unit used)
  • Calibre range: 13-40 mm
  • Portions lengths: from 40 mm or from 85 mm (depending on voiding unit used)
  • Nozzle length: up to 476 mm (effective slug length up to 425 mm)
    stepped for slug length up to 250 mm
  • Cutting: Optionally as of first portion