PVLS 141

PVLS 141

Fresh sausages linked and separated at equal lengths fully automatically!
With the most modern control technology and proven functional modules, this is the basis for producing artificial and collagen casing sausages on an industrial scale. The PVLS 141 Reliable Automation Solution which saves money and boosts productivity, pays for itself very quickly.


  • Fully automatic casing change for artificial and collagen casings
  • For straight portions and equal lengths
  • With casing magazine and automatic casing change
  • With automatic linking and cutting
  • Length monitoring in conveyor belts to detect the position of portions and the twist point
  • Separation of sausages with a rotating cutter
  • Sausages can be cut individually or in groups of equal numbers
  • Precise cutting in the middle of the link ensure the sausages remain closed
  • Best portioning accuracy
  • High availability and reliability

Performance data

  • Portioning performance: up to 1500 portions/min.
  • Artificial and collagen casings in calibre range 13 – 34 mm
  • Portion lengths: 30 - 400 mm
  • Fully automatic length linking
  • and separation into individual portions or chains of the required length