PLSH 217

PLSH 217

The ultimate in flexibility is the special feature of the PLSH 217. The combination of hanging line PLH 216 and cutting line PLS 115 offers both: cutting or hanging for straight portions in all types of casings. And all that without extensive changeovers, simply programmed through monitor control in the Handtmann vacuum filler. And in addition equal length and equal weight.


  • Manual casing change
  • Exactly separated or hung portions
  • Equal sausage lengths, including for natural casing products
  • Utmost weight accuracy
  • Short changeover times
  • Extensive application range
  • Proven, highly economical system with reliable process
  • High, effective production output
  • High weight accuracy
  • Uniform product results

Performance data

  • Portioning performance: up to 700 portions/min.
  • All types of casings in calibre range: 
    Cutting: 13 - 34 mm
    Hanging: 13 - 50 mm
  • Portion lengths: 25 or 40 mm and up
  • Automatic length linking and hanging or separation into individual portions or chains of the required length