PVLH 226

PVLH 226

The compactly designed PVLH 226 features voider portioning and automated casing change function: as many as 1000 portions per minute or more are possible, even for sausages in natural casings. A special features of the PVLH 226 is a casing end senor to detect the end of the casing. The linking nozzle moves automatically to the mounting position where the new casing is quickly and easily placed on the nozzle.

The flexibility of the new AL system is also typical of Handtmann, since of course all types of sausage and casings can be processed. Easy operation and optimum handling ensure high daily output.


  • Maximum productivity with semi-automatic casing change and casing end sensor
  • Significant reduction in non-productive times
  • Precise linking of portions to the same length
  • High production output, especially with small portions
  • Perfectly bulging sausages, first-class appearance
  • Exact weight
  • The hanging unit facilitates problem-free further subsequent by forming individual groups, number of loops per stick, loop spacings, empty or full portions between groups

Performance data

  • Portioning performance: 
    up to 2000 portions/min.
    up to 1000 portions/min. in natural casings
  • All types of casings in calibre range 
    13 – 50 mm (without voider)
    13 – 34 mm (with voider)
  • Portion lengths: 25 mm and up
  • Fully automatic length linking and hanging and separation with semiautomatic casing change