PVLS 143

PVLS 143 AL system: Efficient separation of sausages


Maximum performance in sausage production with the new 3-nozzle revolver and 3 nozzles for extremely short casing change times of less than 2 seconds. First-class product appearance due to precise separation with 2-belt solution and sensor. Suitable for all types of sausage meat casing and for an economic and comprehensive sausage production.



  • Extensive product portfolio facilitated by a wide calibre range of 13 to 40 mm and portion lengths from 40 mm
  • High portioning capacity of up to 1,500 port./min. (automatic casing feed/artificial and collagen casing) and up to 1,000 port./min. (manual casing feed/natural casing)
  • Process reliability through centring of linking nozzle and exact guiding of slug
  • Top hygiene conditions due to targeted removal of exiting filling material